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we only get one mind-body meatsuit...

it is a scorecard of appreciation, curiosity, humility, durability, strength, speed, performance, flexibility, focus, intelligence and learning agility (adaptability); it is not just feedback for us individually but also feedback on our relationships and on our environment/culture.


Self-care is unavoidably relational, social and cultural.



Yes, we have control of how we choose to take care of ourselves and how we choose to respond to the world. Yes, our thinking drives our actions but our thinking is also driven by the hyper sociality of our species and our culture. We shape our culture and our culture shapes us. What if we could expand the way we think about influencing that exchange to help make it healthier?

Our cumulative cultural competency/CQ (collective brain) and our social learning capabilities are the drivers of human evolution and technical dominance. Joseph Henrich, a famous anthropologist believes that while we are the most ecologically dominant species on the planet, it is not our intelligence that accounts for our success - " individually, we are simply not smart enough." Innovation and adaptability depend on the elevation of our collective brain.

we only get this one vessel of grace... 

To live a more optimal life and be our best selves, we have to continually adapt by experimenting in the context of many complex, ever-changing internal and external dynamics. If we can operationalize a lifestyle of expert experimentation it will be easier for us to optimize ourselves. If we can leverage intelligence beyond ourselves, and work together, it will be even easier yet. The best way to pay attention to how we take care of ourselves is to also pay attention to how we take care of each other, in communities large and small.


How can we be more optimal, more ready to pursue our next new “normal”…better yet our next new master plan? Individually? Collectively? Maybe we can experiment more effectively with something like this illustrative equation: 

AQ = {(IQ x 2EQ) x 3PHYSQ) x 10SOCQ x 100CQ}

  • ME = (IQ x 2EQ) x 3PHYSQ)

  • WE = ME x 10SOCQ

  • US = WE x 100CQ ...the "global" WE@scale

AQ = adaptability quotient; the capability to adjust course, across multiple dimensions, at multiple depths and scale, simultaneously

IQ = intelligence quotient (self)

EQ = emotional/mental health factor (self)

PhysQ = physical (mind/body) health factor (self)

SocQ = social/relational health factor (self + others)

CQ = cultural health factor (psychological safety/belonging, collective social learning and achievement)

  • an aggregate multidimensional construct in line with Sternberg’s multiple-loci of intelligence theory

  • the capability to understand and nurture desired/positive correlations between constructive norms (expectations) and desired business performance (e.g., learning agility, collaboration, innovation, empowerment, achievement) while tempering aggressive defensive and passive defensive norms which correlate negatively to constructive attributes

  • the capability to increase standards of shared purpose, relationship and performance, effectively across cultures of diverse human beings at scale…. rather than assimilating others into a dominant culture, the capability to build a courageous culture that can hold UNASSIMILATED diversity (derived from a great quote from Roosevelt Thomas jr.)

  • thank you to Mike B for help with pressure testing the metaphorical "math"





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